We offer the opportunity to enter a horse share arrangement here at Kingston Riding Centre. 

While owning your own horse is the best choice to give you unlimited riding hours, the ability to improve your confidence, skills and build a one to one relationship, both the cost and the care commitments can be overwhelming. Our share a horse scheme is available to give you a realistic taste of what is involved with owning a horse including detailed insight into the commitments and hard work that goes with it 

Sharing a horse has become increasingly popular at Kingston Riding Centre. This scheme is ideal for anyone who would like all the benefits of owning a horse without actually having to buy one and it does offer the opportunity to take your riding to the next level.

Sharing a horse is also perfect for riders who wish to ride more and develop a relationship with a particular horse at the stables.

This is something only to be considered by the more capable rider as a certain degree of horse knowledge and ability is required in order to experience the maximum benefit from the share.

Equally, for anyone considering buying a horse in the future, sharing is an excellent introduction to what is involved and also gives insight as to what owning a horse entails without the full commitment of a purchase.

Nicky, our very experienced and highly qualified manager, will work closely alongside the client to select a horse which best suits their needs and abilities. They are then free to ride the horse at any time convenient to them on their set day; this may be out hacking or in one of the arenas, or on lessons.

Many of our clients who have chosen to share a horse at Kingston Riding Centre have said how happy they are because they can enjoy the freedom it gives them and they are not committed to riding at a set time as they would be for an escorted hack or lesson.

Anyone wishing to discuss sharing a horse should contact the Yard Manager Nicky on kingston.r.c@btconnect.com