Riding Lessons

Riding Lessons in the outdoor arena at Kingston

Outdoor Arena Lessons

Kingston Riding School offer a wide range of equestrian courses and riding lessons to suit riders of all ages and experience. Whether you are a beginner or an advanced rider, our qualified staff can help you improve your riding abilities.

For the under 15′s – we have a dedicated page with Riding Courses For Children >>>

We have a comfortable lounge area with tea, coffee and free ‘WiFi’ for any non-riders to wait in whilst a rider is having lessons, or out in the park.

See our full daily schedule here >>>.

Our group and private evening lesson slots are rapidly being booked as everybody returns from their summer holiday. As the evenings start to get darker quicker the true benefit and luxury of our superb indoor school is realized.To avoid disappointment please book early. There are private lessons available on Wednesday evenings taught by Tracy and Kelly, group lessons of all standards on Thursday evenings taught by Katie and private lessons available on Friday evenings with Anita. Please do not hesitate in letting us know if you have a particular horse request or specific lesson content you wish to cover.

Lunge Lessons – 30 minutes

A safe way to introduce the beginner to the art of horse riding where the instructor maintains contact with the horse on a lunge line. Early lessons concentrate on rider balance, co-ordination and riding aids. Confident rising and sitting trot must be reached before the client rides independent of the lunge.

An ideal way for experienced riders to “fine tune” their equestrian skills, sorting out any bad habits, improving suppleness and depth of seat

Private Horse Riding Lessons – 30 minutes – 1 hour

Perfect for the novice rider just off the lunge and in preparation for joining group lessons. Also designed for the more advanced client whose own needs and requirements determine the content of the lesson.

Group Riding Lessons – 1 hour

For the novice rider these are a natural progression once the client rides confidently at walk, trot and canter. It gives the opportunity to ride a one hour session alongside other horses and riders. For the more advanced rider the classes cover working the horses in lateral movements, i.e. leg yield, shoulder-in etc. they also develop the rider’s understanding of sending the horse from leg to hand and thus achieving a better self-carriage from the horse. For those interested, these lessons also cover show-jumping both for the novice and more experienced rider.

Hacking in Richmond Park

In Royal Richmond Park (minutes away from the premises). For all those confident in walk, trot and canter. Kingston Riding School offers private hacks for those wanting that “personal touch”, and for the more experienced rider, bigger, faster group hacks are offered.
For more information see Hacking in Richmond Park.

Stable Management & Equestrian Courses

Lectures are available to anyone wanting to develop their equestrian skills and knowledge. We can cover any topic from basics to more advanced horsemanship. Examinations are available through the British Horse Society for clients wishing to achieve academic qualifications.

Horse Activities For Young Children (3yrs – 8yrs)

Pony leads to Richmond Park are initially offered to small children to start them off on their equestrian career. Once confidence and balance is established children from 5 yrs onwards are recommended to have some lead-rein lessons which are more formal and introduce them to steering and basic skills required for riding in an arena.

We request that all lessons and hacks are paid for in full when booking & we accept all major credit cards (except for American Express).

We ask that clients arrive 15 minutes before their allocated riding slot and report to the office, so have adequate time to welcome you.

What to wear for your comfort & safety:
Ideally jodphurs or ankle length trousers & boots with a small heel (sandals, shoes & trainers are unsafe). Hard hats to current British Safety Standards must be worn at all times when mounted and can be hired from reception at a cost of £1:00.

We have a shop providing riding attire & equipment. The opening hours are displayed in our reception area.

If you wish to make a booking please call on: 020 8546 6361 and have the following details ready:
1) Full Name
2) Full Address
3) Email Address
4) Two Telephone Numbers
5) Date of Birth
6) Height & Weight [Pls note our weight limit is 13 stone / 83kgs]
7) Most recent riding ability
8) Medical Conditions [eg: asthma, hay fever, allergies, etc]
9) Type of Session required [if known]
10) Date of booking
11) Payment details [Credit or Debit card]

Booking Conditions:

Once booking has been confirmed we require 48 hours notice of cancellation, otherwise regrettably the full charge will be made.

For further information & bookings please contact Cillah (Secretary) should you have any queries.